Love Poem That Will Make Him Smile

I was looking for you is a beautiful love poem that will make him smile

I was looking for you on the sunset,
Begging sun to tell me where are you.
I was asking beautiful flowers,
- Where is he? They did not responded.

Then I turned to the moon to help me
Moon were looking at me in silence.
Then I asked the blue sky to show me.
Skies denied me to give me an answer.

Then I prayed to God. – Where is my love?
And he heard my words, said: – Remind you!
If you open your heart and┬ásoul…
You will see – he is right behind you.

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4 Responses to Love Poem That Will Make Him Smile

  1. Life is short, and this actrile saved valuable time on this Earth.

  2. Walking in the presence of gaitns here. Cool thinking all around!

  3. I suggest adding a facebook like button for the blog!

  4. Hey Katherine! Thanks for visiting my love poems blog! You can see such button right below each post.

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