Awesome romantic love poems for him and about him is the best way to express your feelings for man, boyfriend, husband, lover. Cute love poems for her are to impress her with a beautiful romantic love poem and tell how you feel about her. Get into the world famous poems and classical poetry about love. Enjoy reading classical and modern love poems and a poems of other people just like you from around the world. Love doesn't have borders and the one language of love is a poem.

Love Poems

As I Lay Awake

As I lay awake and didn’t know what to do
Suddenly your memories got stuck in my mind out of no where
I know it’s hard for me to forget you
As you live in each and every corner of my heart
I never wanted to lose you, not even once in my life
But you left me all broken, with eyes full of tears and heart full of pain.
Your words pricked my heart like a sharp knife Continue reading

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Sitting in a Room …

Sitting in a room of silence
Are two lovers that argue everyday
He discovered the lies she’s told him
And now she’s got nothing to say
She feels bad while moving closer
Wondering why he’s not begging her to stay
And when she reaches to gently hold his hand
For the first time, he moves away Continue reading

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Love Poem for Him

Love poem for him by Nicole

it’s because if you I have this feeling inside me.
since day one I felt the love you have for me.
there’s no pain or sorrow for me to feel,
because you made everything bad disappear.
there’s no longer hatred in my heart,
but just the love I have for you.
you’re my one and only, Continue reading

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Hard Times = Lost Love

This is the poem by our reader Ron Jr. Thank you Ron!

Every night when I lay in bed,
my mind goes racing with thoughts I dread.
I think of the times we had as one,
it reminds me of all our beautiful fun.
But now I lay in bed alone,
wondering if I’ll get back what I once had known.

I’m so scared and full of fear,
I often find myself shedding a tear.
All I want is to hold you near,
kiss your neck and whisper sweetness in your ear.
But for now I must count on hope,
try my best to deal and cope.
Continue reading

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Valentines Day Cards 2012

Valentines Day eCards for the most romantic holiday of 2012!

Love Poems - Heart FlamingosLove card - kisses Love card with hearts Continue reading

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